Tool created to monitor the wider impacts of COVID-19 on health

Public Health England have issued a tool to monitor the wider impacts of COVID-19 on health.

The tool examines the indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on population health and wellbeing, and is designed to help stakeholders:

  • monitor changes over time or against an agreed point in time
  • make timely informed decisions
  • intervene to reduce/mitigate against poor outcomes
  • understand the wider context of population health.

The metrics currently available include change in alcohol consumption, change in access to care, rate of people claiming benefits, and measures of employment and income. Visualisations of the selected metrics by different breakdowns and trends over time for these metrics are also available.

The tool is currently in development, and health intelligence teams will add metrics to enable monitoring of the indirect health impacts of COVID-19 as they become available. Feedback can be provided by emailing