Royal Osteoporosis Society publishes guidance on care during and beyond the pandemic

The Royal Osteoporosis Society has released two new publications related to the treatment of osteoporosis during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Submitted to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee, White paper: delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond aims to clarify the challenges facing musculoskeletal and and osteoporosis services in the COVID-19 crisis, and facilitate the restoration, rebuilding, and resetting of services through the peri-COVID-19 phase and into a new era. The publication is intended for service leaders, commissioning leads, political lobbyists, and service providers.

Guidance: secondary fracture prevention for inpatients during COVID-19 pandemic is intended to provide to support to those caring for older patients with fragility fractures through the COVID-19 crisis. Many older patients with fragility fractures are being cared for outside of normal orthogeriatric wards, as hospitals predesignate wards to manage COVID-19 patients and their rehabilitation. This publication assists carers to:

  • deliver best practice assessments and treatment decisions to prevent further fractures
  • ensure patients are discharged with a care package to manage ongoing fracture risk
  • enhance your CPD in a field of medicine that you may be less familiar with.

The document is intended for clinicians caring for patients in wards that do not normally receive fragility fracture patients, medical and surgical doctors of all grades, nursing teams, members of allied health professions such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and ward pharmacy teams.