Role of the accelerated access collaborative expanded

The Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC), first set up in 2018, is having its remit expanded and will be an umbrella organisation responsible for:

  • identifying new innovations and ensuring NHS readiness to implement them
  • acting as a single point of call for innovators to contact for information and support
  • exploring problems that innovations could potentially solve
  • establishing a ‘globally leading testing infrastructure’ to generate evidence for new innovations
  • overseeing a funding strategy to make sure money is focused on the areas of greatest impact
  • supporting the NHS to more quickly adopt effective and efficient innovations.

Nicola Blackwood, Health Minister, said: ‘The Accelerated Access Collaborative will speed up [the process of getting innovations from the bench to the bedside] so patients and the NHS can be the first in the world to benefit from the most transformative technologies and treatments.

The AAC has already supported the rapid uptake of 12 products, reportedly with the potential to help 500,000 patients and save the NHS £30 million.