Priorities for health and care following the COVID-19 pandemic identified by The King’s Fund

The King’s Fund has published a report on the restoration of services following the pandemic, The road to renewal: five priorities for health and care following Covid-19The report sets out five priorities to help guide the approach to renewal across health and care, incorporating lessons learned from the pandemic and measures necessary to combat future pandemics.

The five priorities for renewal identified in the report are:

  • a step change on inequalities and population health
  • lasting reform for social care
  • putting the workforce centre stage
  • embedding and accelerating digital change
  • reshaping the relationship between communities and public services.

The authors of the report state: ‘The first months of the Covid-19 outbreak have shown many aspects of the health and care system at its best… But the events of recent months have also exposed glaring issues and in some cases exacerbated existing shortcomings… The health and care system faces significant challenges to restoring services, not only in hospitals, but also in social care, primary care, mental health and community-based services… This underlines the need for a whole-system response.’