NHS England issues guidance on the third phase of the pandemic

NHS England has released guidance on the third phase of the NHS response to the pandemic, Implementing phase 3 of the NHS response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new guidance, which follows a letter of 31 July 2020 by NHS England and NHS Improvement Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens and Chief Operating Officer Amanda Pritchard, provides a range of supplementary materials to support implementation. The focus of this phase of the NHS response to COVID-19 is on resuming and recovering services and preparing for the demands of winter.

The topics covered by the guidance include:

  • urgent actions to address inequalities in NHS provision and outcomes
  • mental health planning
  • restoration of adult and older people’s community health services
  • using patient-initiated follow ups as part of the NHS COVID-19 recovery
  • 2020/21 phase 3 planning submission guidance
  • COVID-19 data collections—changes to weekend collections.