New NHS People Plan published

The new NHS People Plan has been published by NHS England. The new plan builds on innovations driven by the pandemic, and details a new recruitment, retention, and support package aimed at promoting staff wellbeing.

We are the NHS: People Plan for 2020/2021—action for us all sets out practical actions for employers and systems, as well as the actions that NHS England and NHS Improvement and Health Education England will take, over the remainder of 2020/21. It includes specific commitments around:

  • looking after the NHS workforce—with quality health and wellbeing support for everyone
  • belonging in the NHS—with a particular focus on tackling the discrimination that some staff face
  • new ways of working and delivering care—making effective use of the full range of people’s skills and experience
  • growing for the future—how the NHS recruits and keeps its people and welcomes back colleagues who want to return.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, said of the new plan: ‘Every single person working in the NHS has contributed to an unprecedented national effort to beat back this virus and save lives. They have protected us and in return this government will do everything in its power to protect and support them…. By making the NHS the best place to work we’ll recruit and retain more talent’.