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What is specialised commissioning in the NHS?

Since the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (which came into force on 1 April 2013), NHS England has been directly responsible for commissioning specialised services. This means that NHS England acts as a single, national commissioner, putting in place standards and service specifications across the whole country.

Four factors determine whether NHS England commissions a service as a prescribed specialised service. These are the:

  1. number of individuals who require the service
  2. cost of providing the service or facility
  3. number of people able to provide the service or facility
  4. financial implications for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) if they were required to arrange for provision of the service or facility themselves.

In practice, this means that specialised services are for people with rare and/or complex conditions such as rare cancers, genetic disorders, or complex medical or surgical conditions. Specialised services often deliver cutting-edge care and can be a catalyst for innovation, supporting pioneering clinical practice in the NHS.

NHS England is responsible for commissioning 146 specialised services with a budget of £16.6 billion—15% of the total NHS budget—and this budget has increased more rapidly than in other parts of the NHS.

Specialised commissioning is grouped into six national programmes of care (NPoC):

  • internal medicine—digestion, renal, hepatobiliary, and circulatory system
  • blood and infection—infection, immunity, and haematology
  • oncology
  • mental health
  • trauma—traumatic injury, orthopaedics, head and neck, and rehabilitation
  • women and children—women and children, congenital, and inherited diseases.

For more detail on the NHS England specialised commissioning processes and structures, read an overview article by Medicine‘s Consultant Editor, Alastair Whitington.

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